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30 day exchange guarantee

30 day exchange guarantee

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Come to us for a long time and receive an extra discount

Come to us for a long time and receive an extra discount

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Get measured by our optometrist

Get measured by our optometrist

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Admetec's vision

Dentistry is an area of ​​medical surgery that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases or dental injuries. Dentists spend most of the working day on the smallest details of a small and defined area. The use of magnifying loupes and LED lighting is considered facilitating conditions, which in turn lead to improved performance and better treatment outcomes. To meet dentists' need for visual acuity for extended periods, Admetec develops innovative, high-quality instruments that improve working conditions. As a result, dental patients are assured of the best possible care.

Admetec Ergo

The prismatic loupes from Admetec are
designed to an even greater magnification factor
while providing a relatively broad visual
maintain range and benefit from a
maintain lightweight model.

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Luxurious and light weight made by professionals. What else do you want?


What a great service!

"Martin does everything to help and explain everything well. If you are looking for a good optician who thinks with you and just has a lot of passion for his job, you are in good hands here!"

Nina van Does

Excellent and knowledgeable!

"I have 'tricky' eyes, see with one eye and have twisting nystagmus in both eyes. Already two pairs of glasses perfectly fitted by Martin."


Great customer service

"I tried out Ergoline loupes having used the Orascoptic eyezooms for 3 years. I was frustrated with the back pain I was still experiencing and was keen to try out the quality of the Ergoline loupes. The microscope style loupe is a complete game changer for dentistry ."

Omer Telli

Good experience!

Good experience with Martin who came to my office! And has a lot of experience too!

Zara O.

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